Integrated Marketing Approach

Want more people to know about your business? Believe online marketing is the medium? It is, but don't just jump in. Companies that create a great plan to ensure that all parts will work together smoothly spend less and generate better results. Consider what you want to accomplish, what it will take to get there and what you want your success to look like. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Tier Strategies helps you create an integrated marketing approach.

Define Goals

It is not enough to say, "I want to improve sales." How? Who is your target, and where can they be found? What is your unique position, and why should others do business with you? Understanding this will provide a theme for all your marketing. Tier Strategies will help you define the message and create a marketing plan to measure it.

Attractive Design

Web design matters. Site visitors are always one click from leaving. So how do you keep their interest? Your site should be attractive, up-to-date, and easy to navigate, and it should provide unique content. Design is more than pretty graphics. We create layouts that direct eyes to the most important elements. We build sites that are attractive and that focus on telling your story.

Content That Engages

Words sell. Use yours carefully. Engage visitors, keep their attention and present your message. Offer solutions to problems and provide clear next steps. We spend a lot of time creating, editing, trashing and then rewriting content. We get the words right by understanding your business. In fact, this copy mania is one of our unique advantages.

Choose Your Channels

Now that your message is honed and supported by your new site design, go where your customers are. Don't feel compelled to use Facebook or Twitter just because you can. Carefully choose your marketing channel. What are your keywords? Should you use social media? What other marketing channels are a fit for you?

Integrate your Marketing

Tier Strategies can help you make sense of online marketing and drive new customers. Call 615-251-0220 or email us to learn more.