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Is your site visible? Does it appear in the top position for related search phrases? Is it in Google maps? Too many companies do not have answers for these questions. Many believe SEO is just for large companies or costs a lot of money. This is not true. Of course selecting the right agency is critical; but anyone can obtain SEO success with a little thought and action.

Our SEO Audit provides the foundation for ranking success. We examine on site factors such as copy, internal linking and site tagging. Then we look at structure and coding to ensure there are not issues which prevent Google from properly seeing your site. We also do key term research and provide a rankings report for you and competitors. The end result is a thorough audit along with suggested improvements and a plan of action. After sending the report we follow up with a meeting in person or via phone to discuss and answer your questions. SEO Audits can be prepared within 2 weeks of a request and cost $750.

The audit is concerned with site structure and search visibility. This is very important; but only the first step in achieving success. Our work with clients initially starts by improving their site and increasing rankings. As these are achieved we switch our focus to conversion analysis so we can enhance the rate at which visitors become customers. Specifically, the audit will cover these areas:

  • Content Review - Is your copy both compelling and written so search engines know what you do. Is the copy specific per page and has enough length?
  • Internal Linking - Do pages reference each other with varied anchor text?
  • Mobile Analysis - Being mobile ready will improve your visibility.
  • Architecture Report - A look at how your site is structured and if this aids or hurts your ranking.
  • Google Review - We analyze how Google views your site and make improvement suggestions.
  • Domain Search - We make sure your address does not have any negatives associated with it.
  • Site Health - An in-depth review of several items that dramatically affect SEO.
  • External Linking - Who links to you? Do they bring a positive or negative impact?
  • Key Term Research - We identify and research search popularity of many terms.
  • Current Rankings - We provide a report of where you and competitors rank for 5 important key terms.
  • A Variety of Reports - Contained within the audit you will receive the actual reports we run along with analysis and suggestions. Reports include: load time, broken links, blocked resources, site map, html issues,
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