Focus On Conversions

The famous marketing quote "I don’t know which half works" is irrelevant in the digital world. Not only can you know what works, you can adjust the controls to make it produce more. Tier Strategies follows a consistent marketing methodology for every client that drives visitors and creates improved conversions.

Customized Strategy

Your company is different than your competitors’, so why use the same message? Canned marketing programs only pay off for those selling them. Tier Strategies believes that everyone has at least one unique advantage. We build your marketing campaign around that compelling difference. Read about our integrated marketing approach. Your goals and metrics are different as well. Let Tier be your marketing team. We will strive to understand your business and match it with our expertise to create a custom strategy.

Evaluate Metrics Monthly

Marketing success depends more on watching and adjusting the dials than it does on sudden inspiration. Every month we’ll dig into your site's usage patterns, ad metrics and search position to better understand how the site is being used. Our consultants will analyze performance against your goals and make suggestions for improvement. Then we’ll review these findings with you and create an actionable plan. Together, we’ll ramp up your marketing.

Test and Improve

Tier Strategies adjusts your marketing levers. Can we create better ad copy? Does the position of your "call to action" on the page influence click-through? Will changing the copy increase your rankings? Passive marketing never produces results. Our approach is active and engaged. This process of continual evaluation will grow your marketing over time. You’ll see the results as increased conversions and more customers.

Grow Your Marketing

Marketing is fuel for your business. Increased sales create growth and allow you to do more marketing. Even small companies can benefit from this approach. Try something small, get a positive result, then try something else. This iterative process builds steam until you have a truly remarkable marketing program. Call 615-251-0220 or email us to get started.