Web Site Functionality

A well-developed site can add much value to your small business. Of course, having an attractive design will encourage users to interact with your brand and visit your online store. Yet there are many other ways a site can build your business:

  • Lead generation qualifies leads and helps you decide which prospects deserve the most attention
  • An eCommerce system allows visitors to process orders online, so you make money without much investment of time
  • Reporting solutions data mine site usage to determine buying patterns, which promotions work best, and how to target re-marketing efforts
  • Inventory creation and tracking - Managing your inventory in one place saves time, reduces confusion, and allows for automation of re-ordering
  • Payment systems - Tier builds billing software that can save time and increase accuracy. You can even auto-bill

Development Process

Our success rests in our development process. We spend a lot of time defining what you want the system to accomplish before we outline a step-by-step solution. Next we meet with you to review and make changes. Once we have your solution on paper, we build the code. After that we test and debug your system internally until it works exactly as planned. Finally, we review everything with you and provide training in all aspects of system maintenance.

Systemic planning, close interaction with our clients, and our abundant development experience ensure your project will meet your needs and be delivered on time and on budget.

Let us Build your Site

Great functionality does not just happen and you do not want a packaged program. Call 615-251-0220 or email us to discuss what you want a site to do.