Marketing Trumps History

Category: Marketing Topics published on: 7/3/2017  by Brad Cowart

Every July 4 Americans celebrate their independence. We remember the struggles of the patriots and their vision. It’s a time of rest, family, good food and fireworks. However, most don’t realize that this celebration is actually two days removed from America’s real birthday. How did this happen? The answer is more

How Not to Communicate

Category: Brad on Business published on: 8/22/2016  by Brad Cowart

Business owners have to be driven, believe in their product and then convince people to buy. However the very traits that create success can if taken to excess actually prevent that success. A great current example is Donald Trumps run for presidency. While his words created a flurry of excitement during the primaries those very words may talk him out of the more

Use Driving Time Productively

Category: Brad on Business published on: 7/11/2016  by Brad Cowart

How much time do you spend driving? Commuting to work is usually the worst offender but there are also trips to the store, taxiing kids, and just running around. Since we are prisoners of our cars we should put that time to good more

Google Is Not Calling You

Category: SEO that Converts published on: 6/13/2016  by Brad Cowart

Unfortunately, Google is not calling - they are a multi billion dollar business and just do not have the time. Rather these callers are scam artists or companies offering a one size fits all marketing solution. Don't buy it! Press the opt out button and go about your day. Read on for 5 clues to recognize SEO scams. read more

Five Keys for the Big Game

Category: Brad on Business published on: 5/30/2016  by Brad Cowart

Sports history is full of teams and individuals who won when they should not have. They did not pay attention to the odds, analysts or what everyone expected. They just concentrated on what they were supposed to do and played the big game as if it were any other and for a few the results were more

Increasing Site Engagement

Category: SEO that Converts published on: 5/16/2016  by Brad Cowart

Engagement is a great indicator of a site's success. If your visitors are spending significant time on your site you can bet they are reading copy, accessing images, video and possibly ordering. Looking at where your visitors are spending time provides you info so you can create that type of content. This article will discuss several ways you can keep your visitors more

Marketing Road Trip

Category: Marketing Topics published on: 5/9/2016  by Brad Cowart

One way to picture marketing success is to imagine you are on a road trip. You would never just get in the car and go nor should you with marketing. Excitement, desire to start immediately, and the pressure to produce profits short-circuit our brains, and while the campaign can be off the ground quickly, it can also fail quickly. When you take the time to implement the following three steps, your marketing will produce long-term results. read more

Elements of Great Design

Category: Engaging Design published on: 5/2/2016  by Brad Cowart

After creating hundreds and reviewing thousands of web sites over the years Tier Strategies has developed 5 elements of great design. These five are provided for consideration. Remember the goal of your site is to attract qualified prospects, provide the information they are looking for and convert them to customers. Below is an explanation of each element. read more