How to Select Your SEO Agency

Category: SEO that Converts published on: 1/4/2016  by Brad Cowart

There are hundreds of online marketing companies vying for your attention. Each has its own specialty. Some are legitimate, others are not. Some charge a lot and others lead with a low price. There are disreputable firms who will take your money and provide no results. There are also a few beginners touting themselves as experienced.

Unfortunately, online marketers don’t come with badges revealing their type. So how do you choose the right company without wasting effort or money? Below are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What are your impressions after the first three minutes? A good marketer will discuss your goals, not their program. During the initial meeting they may mention specific tools, but the focus should be on fact gathering, not selling.

Is the person you meet a salesman or an online marketer? They can be both. However, many companies choose to hire closers who will offer you a program with guaranteed results. If the person you meet won’t be the one working on your site or supervising the SEO team, then cut the meeting short.

Do you understand what they offer? No reputable company can toss a marketing plan together in five minutes. If they do, run. You need to understand what they do and to some degree how they do it. They should be able to simply explain their unique advantage and address its benefits for you.

Do they create a marketing plan just for you? Many companies have a standard plan they sell, but if they don’t research your market and competition, how can they create a viable plan for you? Make sure the company builds a customized marketing plan specifically for you. At the first meeting they should start this process.

How do they follow up? If you don’t make a decision that day (and you shouldn’t), do they set a time to call you? Do they call too often and annoy you? Are they available for questions?

Choosing the right SEO company is critical to marketing success. The process takes time, but it’s better than choosing wrong and having to start over three months later. Do your homework. Make them earn your business based on their past successes. Before you partner with them, be sure they know what they’re doing and can relate to you personally.