Increasing Site Engagement

Category: SEO that Converts published on: 5/16/2016  by Brad Cowart

Great online marketing is the intersection of driving visitors (SEO and Ads) and content engagement (Design and Functionality) to create new prospects. This article provides several ways to increase site engagement so visitors stay longer, learn more about the company and have increased opportunity to become a customer.

Engagement Defined

Engagement is the depth of interaction between a visitor and your site. A good measure of engagement is time on site. However time is not the only measure. There may be important pages you want to draw visitors to. Videos, reviews, tutorials or whitepapers may figure prominently in your sales cycle so more views (regardless of time) and these could be an engagement goal as well. Below we will cover several ways to increase your site engagement.

Graphics and Colors

Choose colors that look good online. Certainly, you want to be true to your branding and appeal to your target audience; but some colors (reds, yellows, bright pastels) are glaring online. These can be used as highlights but to make large sections of your content bright red would be counter productive.

Clear Navigation

Navigation is the most important element to engagement. Make sure your main links are located near the top of each page and are consistent through the site. Drop menus can help organize content but multiple drop menus are confusing. Use bread crumb trails to help visitors navigate larger site


While the quality and uniqueness of your copy is the reason for the site, displaying it poorly will negatively impact engagement. Follow these guidelines to ensure readability:

Balance copy with images

Create paragraphs of 4-5 sentences or less

Break up copy with adequate spacing

Use bullet points to highlight important items

Keep scrolling to a minimum (harder to do with mobile devices)

Use head lines to section the copy

Write – rewrite - edit and then rewrite again – keep copy focused


Videos are great as they engage site and sound to reinforce your message. People are more likely to watch a 2 minute video than to read copy for 30 seconds.


The web is made for images. Showing your product or service makes a visual impact beyond what a description can do. Galleries are great for showing examples of what you do. Before and After’s show how you improved something. Event images encourage engagement because people always look for themselves and their friends.

Surveys and Games Surveys can be very engaging. People like to express their opinion and see what others thought. Make sure the survey topic is interesting and slightly controversial. The survey should relate to your industry not a generic topic.

Games are becoming more important as an engagement tool. While this option is not available for everyone, larger companies may be able to draw visitors and get them to share the site with others due to an interesting game.

Blogs and Social Media

Blogs are a reason for people to constantly revisit the site and provide an opportunity for you to offer extra value. Adding a comments section establishes a personal rapport with visitors and builds extra content.

Having a variety of social links provides more ways to connect. Just be sure to keep that info up to date. True when someone clicks a social link they leave your site ; but they are still interacting with your company.

Contact Forms

Always provide a way for a visitor to get in touch with you. Some people like to call, others to email and many complete contact forms. Have all this info easily accessible so the visitor can decide how they want to continue the conversation. Just make sure to follow up quickly.


Be creative in thinking how to get visitors to interact with your site more. Use these tips and adapt for your company. When engagement increases you know the content is striking a chord with visitors. Then they will develop an affinity for your brand. People do business with companies they like and have a comfort level with. Engagement drives new business.