Use Driving Time Productively

Category: Brad on Business published on: 7/11/2016  by Brad Cowart

How much time do you spend driving? Commuting to work is usually the worst offender but there are also trips to the store, taxiing kids, and just running around. Since we are prisoners of our cars we should put that time to good use.

What would you like to study but do not have time for: a foreign language, cooking tips, history? Want to improve your professional skills or read the latest novel? You can accomplish all this and much more through a variety of audio media.

Benefits of Learn as you Drive

Improve Your Marketability – Polish communication skills, stay current with business bestsellers or seek sales inspiration. Improving your skills will propel your career.

Expand Knowledge – Remember those boring school subjects? Well, some are quite interesting when you can learn at your pace (with no tests). Information on history, the sciences, the arts and more are easily available. But, please, no math!

Explore Interesting Bios – Reading about the lives of famous people can serve as either inspiration or a cautionary tale.

Escape from Work – Too many times we carry work issues with us. Give yourself (and your family) a break. Focus on something else. Learn, laugh and de-stress.

Enjoy Driving – I used to dread my 20-minute commute. Sure, the radio provided some distraction but since I shifted to listening materials I now anticipate driving.

A Variety of Listening Resources

There are many ways to obtain listening material. The most common are recorded books (which can get expensive) and podcasts. Satellite radio is also an option for some. Below are a few resources to consider.

Local Library – Save money and increase your access. The library offers CDs and DVDs as well as Play Away (a small device that plugs into your sound system) for both novels and non-fiction. You can conveniently browse the library’s holdings and have materials sent to your local branch.

Overdrive – This is a mobile app offered through the library which allows you to download books and videos to your mobile device. It’s free for cardholders.

Great Courses – This is series of professor-led lectures (about 30 minutes each) on their area of expertise. These are authoritative and the number of topics is vast: . Great Courses are available for purchase or through the library.

You Tube – You know about the vast library of videos offered, but did you know you can download, extract just the sound files and then save them to your mp3 player? This doesn’t work for “famous fails” but it does for “Ted Talks” and a variety of other videos.

These are just a few resources; there are many more. The point is to find a topic you are interested in and then use your commute time wisely.

Happy driving!