Why Wait? Blog Today

Category: Motivating Media published on: 4/19/2016  by Brad Cowart

A long time ago Brad had an idea. "Hey, this blogging thing might catch on! Maybe I have something to say." But he hesitated and allowed everyday pressures to prevent his writing. Eventually, there were so many blogs he wondered what he could contribute, so he did not even try. Yet the idea persisted and on occasion he would even write a post or two. Still his ideas never morphed into a real blog.

The truth is if you don't write you will never know if you can contribute or not. So several months ago I started blogging without actually posting. Determined, I generated a page full of topics and started writing. I discovered that blogging is a challenge—it forces you to condense ideas into just a few paragraphs. Though I find this challenging, I do enjoy my writing time.

So can you blog? Of course! Who knows your business better? No one else has your experiences and knowledge. Plus blogging is a great marketing tool. However, before you begin, you should consider these three questions:

Why are you blogging?

If the answer is to drive sales please reconsider. Yes, blogging is a great social media tool; over time you’ll acquire new customers. Yet the reason people read blogs is to gain information. Great blog posts provide answers and brand you as an expert in the field. Be personal; don’t come across as a salesperson.

Will you be consistent?

How many times have you seen a blog start with energy only to peter out after a few months? A poorly attended blog is worse than having no blog at all. While blogging doesn’t need to take a lot of time you do have to be consistent. At least one post a month would be the minimum. One to three per week is much better.

What will you say?

Decide on structure and tone before you start. Will you write conversationally or as a teacher? Are you the only writer, or will you use guest posts? Do you allow comments, or is this a one-way communication? How will you structure categories?

One great way to test blogging is to write one to three posts per week for a couple of months … without posting. See if you can stick to it, review them to determine quality, and then if you still want to proceed you’re already two to three months ahead.

Blogging is great. It allows you to think and share ideas, and it encourages interaction. It will enhance your business image and sales. Blogging should be enjoyable and a time you look forward to. Don’t start from a sense of duty or dread.

Give it a trial, and see what you think.