How Not to Communicate

Category: Brad on Business published on: 8/22/2016  by Brad Cowart

Business owners have to be driven, believe in their product and then convince people to buy. However the very traits that create success can if taken to excess actually prevent that success. A great current example is Donald Trumps run for presidency. While his words created a flurry of excitement during the primaries those very words may talk him out of the more

Use Driving Time Productively

Category: Brad on Business published on: 7/11/2016  by Brad Cowart

How much time do you spend driving? Commuting to work is usually the worst offender but there are also trips to the store, taxiing kids, and just running around. Since we are prisoners of our cars we should put that time to good more

Five Keys for the Big Game

Category: Brad on Business published on: 5/30/2016  by Brad Cowart

Sports history is full of teams and individuals who won when they should not have. They did not pay attention to the odds, analysts or what everyone expected. They just concentrated on what they were supposed to do and played the big game as if it were any other and for a few the results were more

Five Keys to Effective Communication

Category: Brad on Business published on: 4/25/2016  by Brad Cowart

Every day we talk … a lot. We give and receive instructions. We communicate informally with greetings and light conversation, and we communicate formally in meetings with team members and clients. Yet how often do we mis-hear or not remember what is said? Everyone is rushed and has too much to do, but when we don’t communicate effectively we only add stress and extra work to our more

Hiring the Right “Way”

Category: Brad on Business published on: 3/28/2016  by Brad Cowart

Many companies do not know how to hire the best people. Interviewers rely on questions they have been asked or look online. Usually there is no process or schedule and hiring drags on for weeks (or months). Finally, the best of the pack is hired (maybe not the best for the job), given a brief tour and assigned work. There is a better “Way”. Recently, I was invited to a hiring seminar hosted by my friend – Jennifer Way. Subsequently, I have changed how Tier Strategies hires. read more

Doing Too Much?

Category: Brad on Business published on: 1/18/2016  by Brad Cowart

For the last 2 months I have been snowed under with new projects and the monthly work we do for clients. Not to mention that I have to run the company. Additionally, we have been short staffed and I have tried to make up the difference. To keep quality from slipping I have been working longer each day and more on weekends. This hard work paid off and I actually started seeing some daylight. Then it happened. read more

The Amazing Value of Team

Category: Brad on Business published on: 1/15/2016  by Brad Cowart

I’m not going to give away any great secret of business here. Everyone knows teamwork is important, that there is no “I” in team, and the in-vogue thing is to call employees team members. Instead, I want to relate a real example of how the concept of team positively impacted our business during a very hectic time. read more