Marketing Trumps History

Category: Marketing Topics published on: 7/3/2017  by Brad Cowart

Every July 4 Americans celebrate their independence. We remember the struggles of the patriots and their vision. It’s a time of rest, family, good food and fireworks. However, most don’t realize that this celebration is actually two days removed from America’s real birthday. How did this happen? The answer is more

Marketing Road Trip

Category: Marketing Topics published on: 5/9/2016  by Brad Cowart

One way to picture marketing success is to imagine you are on a road trip. You would never just get in the car and go nor should you with marketing. Excitement, desire to start immediately, and the pressure to produce profits short-circuit our brains, and while the campaign can be off the ground quickly, it can also fail quickly. When you take the time to implement the following three steps, your marketing will produce long-term results. read more