Post Copy

The answer: A graphically appealing content rich web site. Just pause and think a second.

  • A dozen #1 ranked terms will never “get a sale” if the sites copy is short, bland, and unmotivating
  • A perfectly tuned ad campaign avails nothing if the landing page is not able to generate interest
  • Social posts that receive 1000 likes and 100% click through are wasted effort if the site sucks

Many small businesses miss this point. They hire a graphic person to do a simple site, or worse they do it themselves. Then they spend thousands with marketing consultants who promise to optimize, create interactive social, and stellar ads.

This is backwards. All of your marketing should flow from the site which should be the core of all your efforts. Sure, graphics are important and the lure of Wix and Word Press to quickly make a site is tempting; but resist.

A well-designed site contains many working elements (which this series will cover). To ensure your site is attractive, engaging, and motivating you need an experienced marketer from the start