Website Design Audit

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Does your website generate prospects? How does it look, are visitors clicking off quickly? Your design should be fresh, easy to use and compelling so visitors engage, contact you and hopefully become customers. Our Design Audit provides an experienced third party review of your site's apperance, usability and ability to engage.

As we review we ask: How well does the site represent your company?, Is the design up to date with current design standards?, Would we do business with this company? and a host of other questions. The end result is a thorough audit along with suggested improvements and a plan of action. After sending the report we follow up with a meeting in person or via phone to discuss and answer your questions. Design Audits can be prepared within 2 weeks of a request and cost $500.

Specifically, the audit will cover these areas:

  • First Impressions - Does your site quickly convey your business? What are our instant impressions of your logo, colors, layout.
  • Navigation - We cover: ease of use, location, complexity, and whether links are descriptive. Are all pages just one click away?
  • Concentration on Home Page - How well does this explain what you do? Are there points of focus or call to actions that propel the user into the site? Is the content intriguing?
  • Design - Is it modern and mobile friendly? Are the images quality and descriptive? Does the site load quickly?
  • Graphic Set - More detail on use of colors, graphics and layout. What is the level of design? Is your site themed?
  • Foote - Are you using a rich footer? Does it offer additional info to aid navigation or increase engagement?
  • Contact Info - Is this prominent and easy to find? Do you provide multiple ways to reach you?
  • Call to Actions - Are these used throughout the site? Are they varied? Are they high quality and descriptive?
  • Engagement - Does the site use a variety of methods: content, video, white papers and pdf's to increase activity?
  • Copy Review - Is your content well written and correct? Is it informative or a sales pitch? Is the copy varied? Is the copy to shallow?