Marketing Analytics

So Who Is Using Your Site?

Analytics allows the ability to gauge your marketing efforts. I am not talking about simply page views or # of likes, or even just looking at sales conversions. These are important and too many companies do not even have this simple level of assessment. But to really know what your data is telling you and take action on this info is the true value of analytical monitoring.

Tier provides an in-depth diagnosis of your site activity every month. "How do visitors respond to this new call to action?" "Does moving this element from right to left make a difference?" "Where are site visitors coming from?" "Demographics?" "How do people find the site?" We ask these and many more questions each month then create a plan of what to work on.

The Purpose Of Analytics

We do analytics not to provide a lot of reports and interpretation to fake you into thinking we are accomplishing something (I know some companies who do that). But rather, we are trying to determine long-term usage patterns and looking for the effects of a change we did the previous month. Analytics is an iterative process. We determine what is happening online - make change(s) - view the result, then repeat. The goal is to constantly improve site performance by engaging visitors more and motivating them to take the action you desire.

The Trouble With Analytics

However, there is a big problem with analytics. They are based on numbers, charts and defined by a variety of new terms. Most businessess find it difficult to make sense of the raw info, much less interpret and take action. Analytics is just not something most business owners face daily and in the press of the busy day this learning falls by the wayside.

Tier Is The Solution

Tier Strategies can solve that problem. We are experts in the field of analytics and use several tools to gather info. Tier is very thorough, we keep notes of work done every month. Our reports to you are detailed and based on both the graphical charts we send and several background analytics that we also watch. In a short time we will learn a lot about your business, customers and probably know more about your site than you do.

More importantly, we know how to share this hard to understand with clients. We never flood you with info. Your reports will have both an overview section and detailed analysis on each measure. Plus, we include a list of actions we will take that month and encourage you to call and discuss your reports.

Contact Us

So, give us a call to discuss how analytics can impact your marketing efforts. Our initial consultations are complementary and allow you to evaluate us. We look forward to talking.