Ad Words Campaigns

Tier Strategies creates and manages Google AdWords campaigns for clients. AdWords brings instant traffic, but remember, you pay for every click. We take care to properly set up each campaign, then we monitor performance. Monthly, we review your position, click rate, cost and ad copy so we can improve underperforming ads and maximize those that are working.

Ad campaigns involve much more than tossing up copy and hoping the right people click through. Choose a team that keeps current with the ever-changing online marketing environment. We’ve been designing campaigns since 2002. We’ll save you money while ensuring your marketing provides a return on investment.

With each new campaign we provide set-up and monitoring. Below are the steps we take:

Campaign Set-Up

  • Research to find the right keywords to attract your audience
  • Structure the campaign according to Google best practices
  • Create campaign settings: bids, targeted locations, and scheduling
  • Write ad copy. Generally, we create two examples per campaign so we can do split testing
  • Add goals to measure campaign performance
  • Set up your site on Google Search Console and Google Analytics


  • Provide graphic reports and a written analysis regarding performance
  • Include a plan of action outlining steps for improvement
  • Talk with the client to finalize our plan of action
  • Work the plan of action, making several adjustments per campaign

Get Started with AdWords

Undertaking an ad campaign can be profitable, but you must do it properly or you’ll end up tossing money out the window. Call 615-251-0220 or email us to discuss growing your business through ad campaigns.