Video Production

Video is powerful; it gets watched. There’s no better way to make a connection and stand out from the competition than with a brief video. Most companies don’t take advantage of video due to perceived cost and time investment.

If you want studio quality with a staged set and multiple angle shots you could spend thousands. However, video doesn’t have to be expensive. In the age of YouTube, perceptions of video quality have changed. Today a straight-on shot in front of a white background superimposed with simple graphics can make a huge impact. In fact, this non-traditional approach often makes a stronger statement than commercial video. It can create an intimate feel.

Don’t misunderstand—your video still needs to be properly lit, and the sound must be clear. Shooting on a shoestring doesn’t mean dark backgrounds or sounding like you’re in a tunnel. Tier Strategies now provides video production. Our mobile studio consists of three professional-level lights, a white screen, lapel mic, teleprompter and, of course, a video camera and tripod.

We can travel to you or you can visit our studio. We think video is the best medium for testimonials, product demos or introducing your competitive advantage. Tier Strategies has been involved in video production for the past six months. We aren’t experts yet so we don’t charge experts’ prices, but we can provide you with quality, affordable videos.