Jacksonville Web Design

Does your Website Perform?

In today’s digitally conscious business world every company has a website. Yet most never become active marketing tools. Daily time pressures, lack of resources or budget combined with not really knowing how to build a high performing website leads many companies to settle for so-so designs with little or no business advantage. Break out of the “Yeah we have a site” slump. Web Design done properly is explosive, generates targeted prospects and positively impacts your bottom line.

We are a Jacksonville Web Design studio and provide high quality affordanle website design. We believe site design should be highly customized for each client so we spend a great deal of time in pre-design to make sure we capture your vision and understand your goals. Our design price ranges from $1800 to $6000 and depends on the type of site, depth of content and the graphical elements used.

Web Design Purpose

Your web site should be one of your most important marketing tools. To be successful requires strategic planning, great design and goals to measure performance. Furthermore, your site must be constantly updated and tweaked to improve. Web sites serve three purposes:

  • Engage Visitors - Every part of your design is critical to engage and keep the attention of a visitor. Effectively using copy, reviews, video and supporting materials provides the company a way to influence buying decisions.
  • Tell your Story - A site presents a window allowing people to examine your company. Out dated design, skimpy content and seeing a site as merely an online brochure is not the way to win. Everything from design to copy to images to relevance creates a brand image. So put your best foot forward and tell your unique story
  • Generate Qualified Leads - An awesome award winning web design is useless if it does not convert visitors into buyers. Of course the design must be attractive but too often the lure of the latest graphic trick or cool effect dictates the design scheme to the detriment of lead generation.

Five Elements of Stellar Web Design

So a great Web Design is more than just the look. With so much to consider many companies punt. They delegate the site design to a junior employee and hope he gets it right. Or they grab a $4.99/month template hoping to save money. Many just stick with what they’ve had since 2008. Yet none of these design choices will help you increase business.

Web sites are a combination of art and science. Too much art and the site can become a show piece with no lasting value. Too much science and the design fails to engage, so visitors leave. Before starting any new design project Tier Strategies considers five elements.

1) Target Market – your design needs to appeal to your target. Bank sites differ greatly from a rock fan site. Make sure the design matches what is expected from color and layout to copy and images.

2) Graphic Set – what do the graphics say about your company? Are your colors complementary and welcoming? Is the image to copy ratio pleasing? Do call to action buttons show creativity and prior thought.

3) Content – the copy on your page needs to answer the searchers question (not brag about you). Images should support the copy. You should also use several types of content (FAQ’s, Reviews, Videos, and Galleries) to further engage your audience.

4) Clear Navigation – is your site easy to move around in? Are similar pages grouped? Can users get to any page with one or two clicks? Drop menus with numerous fly outs and site links scattered in multiple locations are not conducive to simple navigation.

5) Specific Call To Actions – do you let visitors what to do next? Too many sites just say “Please call us”, then do not list the number. A call to action button prominently placed with an eye catching graphic is essential to increasing your conversion rate.

Jacksonville Web Design

Tier Strategies is a digital marketing studio in Jacksonville FL. Web Design is our first step in building integrated marketing strategies for clients. Since 2003 we have created over 300 designs across several industries for start ups to large corporations.

Over the years we have developed a design methodology that fuses graphics, navigation, content and calls to action with a program of actively monitoring performance. The result is a website that generates more traffic and yields higher conversion rates. Your business will grow and make you glad you selected Tier Strategies. When designing your web site, we will:

  • Meet with you to understand your business and goals you want to achieve
  • Help you define your target market and create a plan to reach it
  • Design the site's structure, navigation and content so visitors do business with you
  • Create a marketing plan that increases your conversion rate
  • Remain in close contact and build a long-lasting business relationship