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Meeting Specific Needs

What project do you have in mind? Tier Strategies is a firm believer that customized coding is the best way to solve business problems. True, there has been a great rise in the past few years of software packages that are prebuilt and address almost every situation imaginable. QuickBooks has been around for years. Shopify is a solid ecommerce platform and WordPress is capable of creating a website. These and many others are ready to go out of the box and with a little training and payment you are up and running. The limit is that this software is designed to solve many problems - not your unique problem.

Tier Custom Solutions

Our clients come to us with specific functionality they need and cannot find elsewhere. Though we develop similar types of functionality as above we do so in a way that takes your business and particular needs into account. Together we will determine your objectives and business rules then Tier will create an in-depth scope document and review with you. Next we will build the design, forms layout and data model. When that is approved we will complete the code and test thoroughly in our shop. Then it is your turn to test and make sure everything works as you envision. The next stage is to do a Beta test with real customers. This will run for a month and while we always hope everything works out 100% usually Beta testing reveals improvements that we make.

Ours is a very thorough process and while we need input from you we can accomplish this with 1-2 brief (30 min or less) calls a week. Our development cycle is also short compared to many others. Tiers' focus is on providing superior client service. So we concentrate on your project almost exclusively. Sure we have normal daily and monthly work to do; but Tier does not go out and sell several large projects and then try to juggle them. That does not work. When we tackle one (or at most two) large projects we work diligently and hit stringent deadlines. We have found that sites completed quickly have less future problems, solve the main problem better and create a higher degree of satisfaction for clients.

Our goal is to scope, model, code and test your project anywhere from 2-4 weeks - start to finish. Of course, time depends on breadth of project and client availability. We promise to never miss a deadline on our part and at every stage to deliver a finished product.

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